Going the distance for Onny & Oboe on Crowdrise

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Michael Tittinger $50
Debbie Lydon $100
Friday Anne Keyes $100
Victoria Lydon $25
irisphotographs $18
Alice B. Allen $15
Irisphotographs $26.10
Bobbie Lembo $10
Adam $50
Robin James $50
Britney Rene $25
Rickie Muth $25
Bill and Taya $100
The Kustra Family $100
Erie Girl $26.20
Mike $25
Armando Martinez $200
S. Simon $20
David E. Williams $50
Anonymous $100
Faith Bryan $10
Deedra Kay $250
Traci Davis $25
Dennis Watson $25
Susan Peiffer
Mikal $50
Gigi Johnson $50
Rhonda S $100
Marcus $90
Sparky $100
Kathleen and Chris $100
Christine Zuba $50
Tricia and Barry Buchter $100
Natalie Smith $50
Jennifer Fisher $25
Barry Buchter $50
Paul Anthony $25
Erin Thomson $25
Chris Buchter $25
Chelle Jones $25
Candace $25
Lynda Martini $25
Kim Cathexis $25
Kira $100
Angelina Vail Bouros $25
Eileen $80
Melani $25
Guy, Tracey, Nina, and Katya $25

“The Legend of Onny and Oboe”

The legend grew from a tiny town in southeastern Pennsylvania, when a young girl named Deanna found herself short of playmates one day. Alone, in the backyard, a pair of twins – a boy and girl – found their way to Telford for a play-date with the homebound girl.

Deanna had a heart condition and couldn’t always keep up with the other kids, running and playing, but that seemed to suit Onny and Oboe just fine, as the three idled the days away, playing with Deanna’s cats, digging in the dirt and dreaming under the stars.

Over the years, Onny and Oboe could be counted on to dust Deanna off, take her by the hand and guide her into a future undetermined, but fraught with certain challenges.

Skeptics would later call the two “imaginary friends,” the figment of a youthful imagination. What they couldn’t see couldn’t possibly exist. They couldn’t hear Onny and Oboe’s laughter. They couldn’t feel their embrace. Deanna knew her playmates were as real as the night sky, twin constellations illuminating the road ahead.

Forty years later and 3,000 miles away, Onny and Oboe have returned. I hear them calling, sense them nudging me forward. I’m recalibrating my life and putting my compass in their hands. I hadn’t been looking for them since Deanna passed a decade ago, tuning them out to cope, then forget, and finally move on. But here they are in California, tapping me on the shoulder and saying, “Let’s go!”

This scholarship is so named because of the promise Onny and Oboe hold – the future is unwritten, no matter the obstacles here on earth. Nothing is predetermined and there is always a path if we refuse to stop looking. This scholarship is not a memorial, but forward-looking. It maintains that adversity breeds greatness, and while dreams may elude our grasp, they still exist out there in the night sky. They remain for the taking. The Onny and Oboe Scholarship Fund celebrates the light every life can cast on the universe.

Exploration. Achievement. Realization. Seldom are they a straight line. Onny and Oboe are for the believers, the dreamers and the resilient.

In the 40 years since their first recorded appearance in Telford, there have been countless sightings of Onny and Oboe. People just don’t know what to call them.

-Michael Tittinger, April 2011

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