Going the distance for Onny & Oboe on Crowdrise

**** THANK YOU!! ****
Michael Tittinger $50
Debbie Lydon $100
Friday Anne Keyes $100
Victoria Lydon $25
irisphotographs $18
Alice B. Allen $15
Irisphotographs $26.10
Bobbie Lembo $10
Adam $50
Robin James $50
Britney Rene $25
Rickie Muth $25
Bill and Taya $100
The Kustra Family $100
Erie Girl $26.20
Mike $25
Armando Martinez $200
S. Simon $20
David E. Williams $50
Anonymous $100
Faith Bryan $10
Deedra Kay $250
Traci Davis $25
Dennis Watson $25
Susan Peiffer
Mikal $50
Gigi Johnson $50
Rhonda S $100
Marcus $90
Sparky $100
Kathleen and Chris $100
Christine Zuba $50
Tricia and Barry Buchter $100
Natalie Smith $50
Jennifer Fisher $25
Barry Buchter $50
Paul Anthony $25
Erin Thomson $25
Chris Buchter $25
Chelle Jones $25
Candace $25
Lynda Martini $25
Kim Cathexis $25
Kira $100
Angelina Vail Bouros $25
Eileen $80
Melani $25
Guy, Tracey, Nina, and Katya $25

About the Scholarship

Awarded annually, the Onny and Oboe Scholarship Fund provides the means for heart transplant patients, and their spouses and/or children, to pursue post-secondary education. The scholarship was created to enhance the lives of those directly affected by heart disease, whose dreams and ambitions were put on hold by medical necessity.

The Scholarship, open to all qualifying candidates residing in the United States and planning to study in the United States, recognizes perseverance, optimism and resilience maintained amid great odds. Selection is based on financial need, interests and demonstrated creativity.

The Onny and Oboe Scholarship Fund was established by Michael Tittinger and is managed by The Philadelphia Foundation. All donations are tax-deductible.

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